About Us

WRD Systems specialises in developing custom hardware, software and embedded systems for clients around the world.

Founded in 2007 WRD Systems has quickly found its place in the global technology market. Our aim is to bring together talent from a broad spectrum of specialties to develop exciting new products and grow our network of partners.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at WRD is our commitment to creating jobs in local markets. Our commitment to the communities we operate in is one of our founding principles, from north Africa to south America and across Europe WRD works in partnership with local communities create jobs and develop sustainable business models. We also work closely with universities in both Europe and the US to help students develop their skills, work on new technology and find new employment opportunities.


IAM Platform

Intelligent Asset Management is our Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) platform that offers flexible hardware and software to suit your specific applications. Not only is the base software platform the same for all the applications, but the hardware platform is as well. This means we have one common platform to secure and service, and all the applications on top of it will be secure as well. This also means that all of the data is in the same format, and that we can easily add compatibility with third parties if so requested. We can easily expand on existing projects if the need arises, or add new metrics when required.

For more details on IAM please see the dedicated site www.iam-tracker.co.uk

our clients

WRD Board Members

Andy White
Managing Director

Andy is one of our co-founders and serves as managing director.

He has more than fifteen years of experience in sales, marketing and business development, having worked on projects for companies around the world. He has published hundreds of articles on marketing and regularly contributes to a number of marketing and business journals.

Andy works closely with our development teams to help bring our products to a wider audience and broaden our client base.

Under Andy’s management WRD has seen annual growth of over 20% per year since 2008

Johan Dams

Johan co-founded WRD Systems with Andy in 2008 and has been the lead developer in every project we have undertaken since then. As our Chief technology officer, Johan oversees the work done by each of our developers and ensures that everything is up to scratch before it goes out to our clients.

During his professional career Johan has been involved in hundreds of projects around the world in fields such as embedded systems, software engineering and systems and security. He is a published researcher working in the fields of cryptography and robotics and has over ten years of experience running software teams and managing projects.

Dave Mothersole
Managing Director WRD USA

With over 30 years business experience working with some of Americas biggest brands, including IBM, Motorola and Freescale, Dave heads up our U.S business.

Dave works closely with a number of partners to develop new products and services as well as liaising with our American client base.

Management Team

Emma Richards
Office Manager

As our office manager Emma provides daily supervision of the administrative staff as well as oversight of our customer services team.

Emma also edits our Smart Energy Journal site and contributes to a number of other publications

Maria Moshnikova
Business Development Manager

Maria is an all-round International Business expert. She has represented major companies in international affairs, especially focusing on the Finnish – Russian market segment.

She has worked as a professional translator during critical business discussions and has mentored the international cooperation between various universities worldwide.